5 The Best Mobile Idle Games

Some hate the clicker’s genre, believing that it is a waste of time, while others, on the contrary, can play these games for hours. Nevertheless, this genre has its place in mobile gaming and we have selected for you the top five most interesting clickers that are worth your attention.

Tap Titans 2

This gaming world is filled with Titans and your task will be to defeat them while tapping furiously. The game provides the following:

  • fantastic dynamics and awesome graphics;
  • a variety of heroes and many chances for your development;
  • novel strategies that you can utilize while fighting with monsters.

It is worth mentioning that this option belongs to the first in the genre. Nevertheless, you will never get bored with it as the developers did their best in creating its unique atmosphere.

Juggernaut Champions

Here you are going to join the bravest superheroes and champions and fight the enemies. Among other similar clickers, this game is distinguished by fascinating graphics. It helps to fully immerse into the designed world and feel it become the reality.

The developers utilized not only clicker mechanics but also some RPG elements that make the gameplay more diverse and unusual.

Tap Tycoon

This great option was created by the Game Hive Corp company, which previously developed the popular Tap Titans. The gameplay is as follows:

  • Here you create money while tapping on the screen.
  • An animated small man serves as the main character.
  • He is running and picking up money that is needed for different buildings.
  • Each such building represents a business, which you can grow and develop by investing more money into it.

Clicker Heroes

If you would like to spend your time on something funny and traditional in terms of clickers, pay attention to this popular option.

Tasks here are similar to those that you know from Tap Titans. The gamer needs to destroy great bosses utilizing different skills, pick up money and upgrade heroes increasing their power.

It may seem simple, but the variety of monsters and locations is great and interesting. Therefore, you will not get bored too quickly.


This game is a strategy, based on the classical mechanics of a simple clicker. The gameplay goes as follows:

  • The gamer extracts resources by tapping on the display.
  • He accumulates wood and stone and then starts to create huts with villagers.
  • The latter is sick and unhappy, almost dying. Therefore, your task is to return them to a healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • After some time people gain strength and can unite with other teams in the championship.

The gameplay is accompanied by calm music that immerses you into the Medieval years with their sinister atmosphere.

Of course, this is not the whole list of the best options that exist nowadays. We can say that it can be utilized as a start point if you do not know completely what to choose. Try these options in order to understand the classical mechanics of the clickers and maybe you will find your favorite.