10 Best Games to Play Together Online

Parents often complain that children spend a lot of time playing computer games. Why don't you play together? Now, there are thousands of car games that can be played online by two or three people. Let the child choose his/her favorite game and play jointly. We have selected the trendiest and the funniest games for playing together. Brief descriptions will help you to choose a game according to your preferences.


This is a fun and free online game that will bring a lot of positive emotions. Together, you need to collect weapons, build forts, and destroy competitors until you are the only survivor on the planet. You can also fight against the zombies. The game is constantly updated and supplemented with new chapters.

Sea of Thieves

This is a fun action game about pirates that perfectly captures the spirit of adventure and requires perfect teamwork. Your ship will quickly sink in the first battle if you do not use cannons and bail water out of the hold together. Well-coordinated work will certainly be rewarded with lots of treasures.

Portal 2

If you like finding your way out of endless labyrinths, Portal 2 will suit your taste. You have two portals to get to a certain place. You need to get into the most difficult locations and solve puzzles.

Stardew Valley

In this game, you need to farm and build relationships with your neighbors. By playing together, you will have more chances to get rich and become the best farmer on the planet.

The Division 2

You need to explore a world that has fallen into chaos after a devastating terrorist attack. Playing together, you need to fight against an army of marauders and bandits. Only together can you survive and win.

Monster Hunter: World

In this game, hunters must kill monsters, collect armor and weapons, and hunt even more dangerous creatures. The game has a great design and animation.

Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon is one of the best online arcade racing games that you can play with your kids and friends. You have a choice of over 400 cars, regular change of seasons, and other options for great racing.


Syndicate offers incredible adventures for multiple players. This is a thrilling shooter game with exciting shootouts and a sci-fi storyline. To win, you need to become a team player.


In this game, you can fight together against a huge army of enemies and capture their castles. This is an interesting adventure game with a medieval theme.

Unravel 2

This is a very exciting online game for two players. Your characters are two little creatures that enjoy traveling around the world. You will have to climb mountains and perform acrobatic stunts to overcome obstacles and complete tasks.

So, now, you have the top 10 games to play together online. You will undoubtedly enjoy spending time together. Moreover, you will know your kids` and friends` habits better. So, you can pick up a game from our list and play it right now!